Plumb Line University uses neuroplasticity-based training principles for teaching body movement.

Our coaching techniques exponentially shorten the learning curve for all ages and levels of performance, without compromising safety & the accuracy of desired movements.

Be it improving posture, maximizing injury prevention, reducing aches and pains, or optimizing fitness and athletic performance, our neuroplasticity-based training methods are second to none.  

Whether you're a professional instructor in search of a better way to train your students/athletes or an individual looking for the fastest, most productive way to take your fitness & athletic ability to the next level,  Plumb Line University is for you. 

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 Learning to walk before we run, skydive or climb Mount Everest is common sense. Likewise, Plumb Line University courses are  set on a continuum of learning. We can't bypass the mastery of key body alignment & movement principles any more than we could beat Tiger Woods after taking three golf lessons. And don't be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking you already know this stuff, we know you don't, because it's NEW. But don't take our word for it, find out for yourself by taking our Posture & Body Movement assessments. It measures your current level of knowledge, awareness and ability.