My Story 

Alison Thietje is the foremost expert in the discovery of the anatomical absolutes for the golf swing and three, new scientific discoveries: Torso Micro-Movements, Body Movement Laws and Kinetic Engineering. She discovered a new way to teach the golf swing using fact-based Body Movement Laws versus traditional, subjective swing mechanic based instruction. She is also the first and foremost expert for creating neuroplasticity-based, mind-to-body techniques that dramatically accelerate student comprehension and learning. When students learn better, they perform better; maximizing injury prevention and athletic performance. This is her speciality. 


She has over 26 years and an estimated 40,000 plus hours of experience as a personal trainer & body movement expert for both Tour Pros (1996-2004) and amateur golfers (1996- 2021). In 1996, Alison founded the first personal training company on the PGA Tour, Total Approach Golf LLC (TAG). The TAG client list included Tom Watson, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Stewart Cink, Bernhard Langer, and more. Alison was Golf Digest’s first fitness advisor (1999) and was included in Golf Digest’s top six personal trainers in the country. She has authored and published numerous articles, one of which made it into the book of Golf Digest top 100 lessons (2004) titled Breaking 100 90 & 80. (See media link below.)   Alison's work not only is endorsed by professional golfers, but other professional athletes including baseball, basketball, football, cycling, and equestrian sports.  Alison’s work in the golf industry has warranted numerous media articles, and in 1999 she authored the book Total Approach Golf; Justin Leonard authored the forward. (More info below.) 

My Story Continued


Alison is the first to develop neuroplasticity-based training techniques designed specifically for teaching body movements, be it a golf swing, exercise, or correcting posture. Her proprietary new method of instruction empowers golfers and anyone who desires to gain better control of their body (or swing) movements, prevent injury, and maximize athletic performance.


Over twenty years ago, from 2000-2003, Alison developed a swing model based on body movement laws that have helped millions of golfers improve posture, play pain-free, and dramatically and quickly lower their handicaps.  


Since the launch of her last golf program, Mind-2-Motion Golf, in 2013, Alison has been involved with research and development for a new start-up company (Plumb Line Health Fitness & Performance) dedicated to research and development of law neuroplasticity-based instructional methods. The concept and discovery of "law-based" athletic training allow us to kinematically engineer the exact sequencing of movement we desire for the first time in athletic training history. It will enable us to coach sports mechanics from an objective source versus subjective explanations "about" what great athletes do or don't do. This naturally and organically maximizes every athlete's skill level for improving, if not perfecting their athletic performance.