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Correct My Posture

CMP is the first neuroplasticity-based,

no-exercise approach to good posture.

Correct My Posture


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Alison Thietje was my personal trainer from 1999-2003. During that time I learned how my body responds in the golf swing. Alison has spent  years researching the biomechanics  of the golf swing.  Her knowledge & attitude combined to make training effective and beneficial to both your game and your life. I have yet to miss one PGA Tour event due to injury. Alison’s approach will help any golfer to improve their game. Justin Leonard, Major Champion PGA Tour


As a professional golfer, being in good shape for golf and  remaining injury free are key to being able to compete with confidence. Alison Thietje is dedicated to doing just that and the results show. I’m in the best shape of my life, I feel terrific and most importantly, I'm injury free. Thank you TAG for all your help. Stewart Cink, Major Champion PGA Tour

“I’ve always been blessed with flexibility and strength, so I know their importance in creating a solid golf swing. Alison’s approach to training, if done on a regular basis, will undoubtedly improve any golfer’s ability to swing the club with more power and in better balance.” Tom Watson, Muliple Major Champion Winner PGA Tour

I’ve always been a big fan of fitness and exercise. Training with Alison Thietje has been much more than a good workout, it’s been a learning experience. Her practical skills, technique and knowledge of proper alignment are top notch in her respective industry. Any golfer who wants to remain injury free, learn proper technique and body alignment principles will undoubtedly benefit from working with Alison Thietje. Brad Faxon, PGA Tour


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Dedicated to applying the principles of the Plumbline and Alison's Correct My Posture and

Body Movement Mastery Courses to the Golf Swing


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Alison Thietje is the foremost expert in the discovery of the anatomical absolutes for the golf swing and three, new scientific discoveries: Torso Micro-Movements, Body Movement Laws and Kinetic Engineering. She discovered a new way to teach the golf swing using fact-based Body Movement Laws versus traditional, subjective swing mechanic based instruction. She is also the first and foremost expert for creating neuroplasticity-based, mind-to-body techniques that dramatically accelerate student comprehension and learning. When students learn better, they perform better; maximizing injury prevention and athletic performance.